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  • ReCaREDD - Roadless Forest workshop

ReCaREDD - Roadless Forest workshop

Mapathon to train ReCaREDD participants how to use Logging Roads. We'll be covering how to use tasking manager, iD Editor, and mapping new roads in the Cameroon, Republic of Congo, and DRC. After the training, all participants should know how to mapping logging roads using OpenStreetMap tools.

Instructions: Instructions will be provided in the Workshop



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Type Name Description Tags
TypeTo Fix 2015-2016 Start Date Updates DescriptionUse satellite imagery to tag when roads are first created. This task rechecks roads tagged as after-2015 now that we have 2015 and 2016 imagery. Tags
TypeOSM Tasking Manager New logging roads identified at ReCaREDD - Roadless Forest workshop DescriptionThe tasks selected fall within Congo Basin Forest Partnership Facility Landscapes - regions critical for biodiversity conservation, indigenous peoples, and climate change mitigation. We have selected areas where logging has been active with the last year. Using the latest imagery from Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2, we have identified areas where logging continues to expand. Tags