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Help protect the world’s rainforests by mapping logging roads

How it works

Tracing Roads

Logging Roads combines OpenStreetMap and satellite imagery to map and date Logging Roads.

Choose a task

Activities are the geographic area outlined for mapping in OpenStreetMap. Select activities from the many campaigns on offer.

Select a square

Each task area is divided into small squares. When you select a square, it is locked so other users can’t map until you complete it or unlock it.

Start mapping roads

Use yearly satellite images to see when logging roads appear, trace them on the map, and tag them with the year that they appeared

How it works

Tagging Years

Help us identify the year a road was cut

Look at images

You will see a selection of images from different years. Your job is to select the image where the road first appears.

Select an image where you see roads

Once you see an image with a road, select it and it will be saved to the database.

Keeping going!

After you make your selection, a new set of images will appear. The more you select the higher your score!


Help us map roads
in forests

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Congo Basin Logging Roads

After the Amazon, the Congo Basin considered the world’s second lung. It’s forests help regulate our climate and play home to an abundance of biodiversity and rich cultures...

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Logging in Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesia has the world's 3rd largest tropical rainforest, but is ranked 2nd for deforestation...

[+] more
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Logging in Chimpanzee Habitat

Chimpanzee habitat is under increasing pressure from the logging industry. New roads cut deep into forests populated with endangered chimpanzees...

[+] more

Cartographie des routes du Gabon

Cartographie des routes du Gabon avec le INC

[+] more

GLAD Alert Cameroon

Road and plantation from Glad

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No events scheduled for the moment.

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The Project

All your edits are added to OpenStreetMap. Scientists, forest monitors, and government agencies, will use your data to determine whether logging companies have broken laws, map the forest fragmentation, and design more effective forest protection strategies.

Logging Roads’ partners with world leading technologies and research institutions to scale our impact.